Launch Tomorrow

Using the tips in this book, you can hone your message, choose your market, and make your first sale within one day.

What this book will teach you

Using these hacks from the PPC advertising world, you can research and reach your target market quickly, in order to launch rapidly and build a successful startup. 

The 5 most important takeaways from Launch Tomorrow

  • How to lay bare your chosen market so that you can enter it effectively

  • Finding an effective source of customer acquisition, so that you can acquire prospects and customers like twisting a spigot handle

  • Achieving meaningful market penetration

  • How to ensure what you're delivering is actually valuable to customers

  • Most importantly, actually making that first sale!

Thousands of people have already read this book and improved their lives using what they learned. 

Mark Hill

Serial Entrepreneur, ex 500 startups

I've had "do smoke test" on my to-do list for months, but your book helped me get out of neutral and start gathering real market feedback.I've actually been working on a menswear solution for the past year, and in retrospect spent way too much time in the "wantrepreneur" wilderness of customer interviews and systems design for an unvalidated hypothesis. My initial focus was a solution that helps professional men assemble the perfect outfit for today's meetings from items they already own.  As someone who has great items but no fashion sense, this is a problem I'd like to solve for myself. 

While I had some anxiety that this was in the "nice to have/vitamin" category, I went ahead and hired a contract development shop to build an MVP. Fortunately, when the contract development estimate for my initial concept came in at 2.5X my "not to exceed" budget, I listened to the wakeup call and re-focused. 

While my interview subjects showed some interest in the solution I wanted to build, they showed real emotion for "I hate shopping." I decided to refocus on a small segment with a critical, urgent need to solve a specific shopping problem: new male college grads who need to build a wardrobe for their first professional job. Typically, they had nothing that would remotely qualify except their interviewing suit, and no familiarity with the market for dress pants/shirts. Finding pants that fit well turned out to be their top pain-point. 

After convincing myself there was a technical solution, on Saturday I went ahead and executed your process. I bought a trickle of AdWords, and pointed it to Instapage where I had slavishly copying the Buffer smoke test. It looked pretty lame to me, but I decided to follow Reid Hoffman's advice on embarrassing MVPs and plunge ahead. Over Sunday/Monday, 30% of the people who landed on the page have clicked the "Get Started" link, and 10% have entered an email. 

Thanks to your book, I'm now confident there's real value in the concept, and am planning to take the next steps on a prototype.

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Some words on the Book

  • There are selfless heroes in every startup community; the organizers and mentors who help for no reason other than that they know it's the right thing to do. These people are the backbone of our progress as people, and my heart goes out to them. Today I want to talk about one community hero: Luke Szyrmer. Luke organizes Lean Startup Machine in London and the Lean Startup Circle Meetup. It's a lot of work and it has a huge impact on people. He's also written a fantastic book called Launch Tomorrow. As an author, I'm very critical of new books written for entrepreneurs. Luke's book has a ton of practical advice around Landing Pages and testing ideas I wish I had written myself.

    Trevor Owens, founder of and author of Lean Enterprise

  • This is a must read if you have an idea for a startup and you want to create the right landing page to sell your idea before spending a lot of money building your product.

    Dharmesh Raithaitha, Product Partner at Forward Partners

  • Surprisingly refreshing and packed with practical insights.  My companies have sold $30,000,000+ in consulting and I've also built an agency, so I've seen quite a number of launch methodologies.  For this reason when I first saw the title I thought 'yeah, right - he's probably going to tell me how to win the lottery tomorrow too.'   But by the time I finished the book I not only genuinely believed it could be done, but had begun furiously bookmarking his recommended resources and carefully taking notes in a project template.  Lukasz Szyrmer has integrated modern internet resources with lean-start-up ideas more practically than virtually anyone else I've seen.  And his mastery of the psychological elements of persuasion glues the whole concept together.  This book definitely improved my game...and if you characterize yourself as an ambitious entrepreneur you definitely owe it at least one good read.  (I know I'll be going through it again!)

    Glenn Livingston Ph. D., former co-founder of advertising agency RocketClicks and online market research pioneer

  • I'm about 1/4th of my way through this book. Great online marketing tips and concepts that I hadn't ever even imagined. Luke, you are breaking this down to a science that even geeks can use. Thanks for the amazing resource!" 

    Tariq Khan, alumnus of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

  • The Lean Startup meets direct response marketing. Eric Ries meets Gary Halbert. Launch Tomorrow by Luke Szymer provides a step-by-step approach to quickly launching an idea, a product, campaign, or business in a way that doesn't cut corners on acquiring scientific, validated learning in the marketplace. Many tech startup business owners snicker at direct response marketing that they come across. They see this type of marketing as lacking class. They see their businesses as being different. They see their target market as only responding to branding. Wrong, of course, on all three counts. Launch Tomorrow makes remarkable effort to bridge this gap and bring the solid foundation of scientific advertising into the world of ultra-modern ultra-fast startups.

    Alex Makarski, Online Marketing Consultant

About the Author

My name is Luke. I've struggled for years with building products which nobody wanted. It wasn't until I discovered the power of pay-per-click advertising that entrepreneurship clicked for me. People will only buy what they actually need. Advertising is the fastest way to research a market before even entering it.

I've been in the software and internet space for 20 years now. I've written many successful campaigns in this space. I've also consulted with many entrepreneurs to help them launch or grow a product, even from the initial idea stage.

Now I am driven by helping others launch new products quickly. I'm excited by building sales systems, even before you have a product, in order to only build what customers actually want. You know they will pay for it, because they have, by the time you build it. 

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