How to launch a new product in the market successfully

This week my main update is that I had an appearance on the Startup Playground Podcast, as part of season 2 which he is calling the #CasualUndistancingTalks. The host Elvis (great name) and I had an in-depth chat. We mostly covered mindset about launching new products, and how to think about it, especially now during the pandemic. As well as the importance of teams and teamwork.

I had a lot of fun, and for some reason a lot of the examples were around mp3 players (remember those) and the launch of the original iPod. Makes sense, since we’re both podcasters. 🙂

Don’t Make ‘Em Think, Make ‘Em Feel

Banging your head against a wall?




Answer the questions they have, even before they know they need ask them.

  • What button do I press?
  • What am I buying exactly?
  • Why is this a good idea for me right now?


A solution.

Relax, it's easy.

See, friction doesn't occur on the landing page. It occurs in the mind of the prospect.

How do they feel when they see your landing page? Because decisions are made in the emotional brain. If you make 'em think, you've pretty much lost the sale.

To get more, there's only one resource worth reaching for.

That's Launch Tomorrow. Inside, you'll get the low down on what actually matters, when putting up a landing page MVP.