"I just got off the phone with a friend who's building a start-up in Israel. We've been going back and forth for the last six months. I told him that reading your book was like making the jump to light speed in "Star Wars." I'm now working with a completely different time constant than I was a week ago..." Mark Hill 

Speed Up Successful Innovation...

Discover the Launch Tomorrow method, and bring the agility of start-up innovation to your work. Learn how to co-create with your market, rather than invent behind closed doors...

  • Lay bare your chosen market so that you can enter it effectively 
  • Find an effective source of customer acquisition for both validation and sales 
  • Use previously unavailable quantitative tools for fast early-stage validation 
  • Find the right audience for a product, and prove they're ready to pay for it
  • Successfully position a product relative to other products
  • Determine and test a clear go-to-market strategy
  • Much more!


"In my corporate consulting days, I used to tell my clients market research is a waste of time, because projects usually took 3 months and required a budget of $50-150K. But this stuff really changes the equation!"

Robert Grossman

Robert Grossman

Marketing Expert, Former Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co.

"When I first saw the title I thought 'yeah, right - he's probably going to tell me how to win the lottery tomorrow too.' But by the time I finished the book I not only genuinely believed it could be done, but had begun furiously taking notes."

Glenn Livingston

Glenn Livingston

Ph. D., former co-founder of advertising agency Rocket Clicks, online market research pioneer

"This is a must read if you have an idea for a startup and you want to create the right landing page to sell your idea before spending a lot of money building your product."

Dharmesh Raithatha

Dharmesh Raithatha

Product Partner, Forward Partners

You must check to see if there’s water before you dive into the swimming pool. The days of haphazardly sticking up a brand new product on a search engine and quickly selling it are over. On the other hand, the days of fastidiously researching a market, a product and a niche for months and months are also over. The correct approach combines both extremes. Here, Luke Szyrmer shows you how to go from zero to vetted and out the door with a reasonable, good enough product strategy in literally one day. 80/20 high speed product launch research. This book is full of juicy nuggets of sage advice that will speed you to reality. If your idea is a bad one… you need to find out NOW. Not three months from now. With this book you can literally test a new idea, a new concept, a new product… without actually building a single prototype first… once per day.

Perry Marshall

Author of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, 80/20 Sales & Marketing and Evolution 2.0

Perry Marshall

I've had "do smoke test" on my to-do list for months, but your book helped me get out of neutral and start gathering real market feedback. I've actually been working on a menswear solution for the past year, and in retrospect spent way too much time in the "wantrepreneur" wilderness of customer interviews and systems design for an unvalidated hypothesis. My initial focus was a solution that helps professional men assemble the perfect outfit for today's meetings from items they already own. As someone who has great items but no fashion sense, this is a problem I'd like to solve for myself. While I had some anxiety that this was in the "nice to have/vitamin" category, I went ahead and hired a contract development shop to build an MVP. Fortunately, when the contract development estimate for my initial concept came in at 2.5X my "not to exceed" budget, I listened to the wakeup call and re-focused. While my interview subjects showed some interest in the solution I wanted to build, they showed real emotion for "I hate shopping." I decided to refocus on a small segment with a critical, urgent need to solve a specific shopping problem: new male college grads who need to build a wardrobe for their first professional job. Typically, they had nothing that would remotely qualify except their interviewing suit, and no familiarity with the market for dress pants/shirts. Finding pants that fit well turned out to be their top pain-point. After convincing myself there was a technical solution, on Saturday I went ahead and executed your process. I bought a trickle of AdWords, and pointed it to Instapage where I had slavishly copying the Buffer smoke test. It looked pretty lame to me, but I decided to follow Reid Hoffman's advice on embarrassing MVPs and plunge ahead. Over Sunday/Monday, 30% of the people who landed on the page have clicked the "Get Started" link, and 10% have entered an email. Thanks to your book, I'm now confident there's real value in the concept, and am planning to take the next steps on a prototype.

Mark Hill

Founder & CEO @ The Wardrobe Essentialist

Mark Hill

Hans Baumhardt

This book is the action end of The Lean Startup. A straightforward primer on why and how to test your proposition before over investing in a product or market that will never cough proper cash. Short and sharp it covers what you need to know from buyer psychology through copywriting to creating landing page experiments. More importantly Luke explains how to get the job done, including specific low cost service and site suggestions. Even with a sales and marketing background, this book could have saved me months of research and several failed propositions that looked wonderful on paper, but were economic losers. It’s on my recommended list.

Russell Ludlow

Read through Launch Tomorrow this week- it was awesome! Couldn't stop reading once I started. I've read tonnes of business + marketing books over the past couple years and this really stood out as one of the most concise and organised. Really appreciate that you credit all your sources too- so many marketers seem to act as if every idea is completely their own.  

Anyway I got a lot of insights and will be taking notes and putting this stuff into action early next year.


A complete, practical and useful hands-on guide for anybody who wants to get going with his/her idea fast! New startups, as well as established businesses that want to try new ideas or features will benefit from this well-written book. I run a marketing and Lean Startup agency (22tribes.com) and this book gave me multiple good tips and ideas of how to further help our clients when they develop landing pages. The examples are not only relevant for marketers but anybody who wants to do the next step of quickly validating their idea. Most new ideas start with a landing page or an MVP. And this is exactly where Luke focuses his book on! He bridges the gap other literature only covers superficially. By diving deep into the possibilities of what you can do with a landing page he is giving the reader a broad range of tools and tests to make the most ouf of this critical step of testing your idea, validating it and getting your first customers before scaling and reaching the next level. This practical book is a great addition to your product development and startup library along with the classics of The Lean Startup of Eric Ries and Customer Development from Steve Blank.

As an author, I'm very critical of new books written for entrepreneurs. Luke's book has a ton of practical advice around Landing Pages and testing ideas I wish I had written myself.

Trevor Owens

Trevor Owens

Founder of javelin.com and author of Lean Enterprise

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