The secret to breakthrough new products

As humans we are creatures of analogy and association. This matters a lot, when creating a new product. The movie industry is a good place to explain it. The movie business has high risks, high rewards if done right, and lots of data on outcomes.

The Secret to a Successful Extreme Product Launch

If you could only do one thing before you launch, what would it be? I know what I would do.

It's simple. It takes a few hours tops, to make it worthwhile. It's inexpensive, affordable even for a threadbare entrepreneur.

Senior caucasian man holding blank empty banner covering mouth with hand, shocked and afraid for mistake. surprised expression

Don’t Make ‘Em Think, Make ‘Em Feel

Banging your head against a wall?




Answer the questions they have, even before they know they need ask them.

  • What button do I press?
  • What am I buying exactly?
  • Why is this a good idea for me right now?


A solution.

Relax, it's easy.

See, friction doesn't occur on the landing page. It occurs in the mind of the prospect.

How do they feel when they see your landing page? Because decisions are made in the emotional brain. If you make 'em think, you've pretty much lost the sale.

To get more, there's only one resource worth reaching for.

That's Launch Tomorrow. Inside, you'll get the low down on what actually matters, when putting up a landing page MVP.

How Many Experiments Do I Need To Run?

A teacher said to her student, “Billy, if both of your parents were born in 1967, how old are they now?”
After a few moments, Billy answered, “It depends.”
“It depends on what?” she asked.
“It depends on whether you ask my father or my mother.”

It’s also like that with the number of experiments you need to run, in order to build a new product.

It depends.

On how much of a breakthrough you want your product to be.

Taking this into the Lean Startup realm, before you even start your technical experiments like Altschuller, you can run marketing experiments.

Figure out what your market wants. What problems they have. What keeps them up at night.

Then, when you put your product creator hat on, you’ll make a product which has a chance at commercial success. That’s the bit the Soviets missed.

If you want to find out more about how to run these types of marketing experiments, I’ve got your back. My upcoming book Your First Startup Experiment goes into a lot more detail.

Read it.

Apply it.

Profit from it.