21 Different Ways To Prove Your Case, Even Though You Don’t Have A Product or Customer Yet

As late heavy hitter Gary Bencivenga says:

Almost everyone in the world, in every field of human endeavor, is desperately searching for someone to believe in. Be that person and you can write your own ticket. Belief is today’s most overlooked yet most powerful key to boosting response to any ad, in any medium. Harness it and you unleash the core atomic power for exploding response.

Most prospects want to believe the claims you make in a landing page, yet the claims challenge their world-view and the status quo. You need proof, ideally proof that resonates emotionally, in order to get them to take action.

Even on a landing page MVP, it all comes down to knowing how to present your product.

How To Pitch A Product’s Benefits, Without Sounding Like A Hype Windbag

I'm not going to shock you when I say that landing pages live and die by how well they persuade. And bullets form the foundation of any persuasive message you put out there. They're specific points which you expect will persuade the reader or listener.