Here’s an example of an Extreme Product Launch

Extreme product launches are focused on getting you to that first sale as quickly as possible. By figuring out what works on a business level, you can then proceed to with the business growth because you’re already proven that a business case exists (at a small scale) for your product.

The Secret to a Successful Extreme Product Launch

If you could only do one thing before you launch, what would it be? I know what I would do.

It's simple. It takes a few hours tops, to make it worthwhile. It's inexpensive, affordable even for a threadbare entrepreneur.

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This is what it'll give you:

  • You easily create a product or service which actually appeals to your chosen prospects.
  • You describe it in language which resonates with your audience.
  • You prevent wasting time on counterproductive work (which you can't know about without actually doing this first), both in your business processes and in any software you might build.
  • You make it much easier for people to buy what they already want (cha ching!)
  • Your customers immediately understand your product, which means they're more likely to buy it, get excited, and promote it afterwards
  • Your product's good reputation explodes naturally
  • You keep your whole team aligned around the customers' needs

What is it?

Which reminds me…

There's a whole chapter going deep into exactly how to do this in Launch Tomorrow. What questions to ask…what order to ask them in…what to listen for…and most importantly how to find people to interview.

Grab your copy, and get crackin'.

How Many Experiments Do I Need To Run?

A teacher said to her student, “Billy, if both of your parents were born in 1967, how old are they now?”
After a few moments, Billy answered, “It depends.”
“It depends on what?” she asked.
“It depends on whether you ask my father or my mother.”

It’s also like that with the number of experiments you need to run, in order to build a new product.

It depends.

On how much of a breakthrough you want your product to be.

The takeaway here is clear. Everyone wants quick results. Sometimes they do happen. (I’m all for being optimistic.)

More often than not, though, you’ve got a lot of experiments to run. Systematically. In order to really get beyond conventional wisdom. If you want to discover a counter-intuitive truth. So get started already!

Taking this into the Lean Startup realm, before you even start your technical experiments like Altschuller, you can run marketing experiments.

Figure out what your market wants. What problems they have. What keeps them up at night.

Then, when you put your product creator hat on, you’ll make a product which has a chance at commercial success. That’s the bit the Soviets missed.

If you want to find out more about how to run these types of marketing experiments, I’ve got your back. My upcoming book Your First Startup Experiment goes into a lot more detail.

Read it.

Apply it.

Profit from it.