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Really brought out the best in me

“I felt Luke really listened to me. Other coaches may have been exciting to follow, but they weren’t as relevant. In particular, Luke is patient and analytical, and that really brought out the best in me.

One of the areas that Luke really helped me was to really focus on choosing a customer segment and value proposition combination. There were a number of them that I was considering, but Luke helped me to just narrow down to one and to focus there.” 

Andrea Siller Gonzalez
Bioana, Founder
Female Entrepreneur of the Year award (2017)

Pitching skills doubled in effectiveness

 I think my pitching skills doubled in effectiveness. I have been complimented so many times since then, and I think our work together was behind it.

Abhinav Shekhar Vashistha
CEO and Founder
Sonant Technologies Pvt Ltd

Friendly and without pressure

"Luke’s coaching was very friendly. It wasn’t like cold teacher and student kind of thing. I never felt pressure. Luke is always interested, and I felt good about speaking to you about my own company. It was nice to have a mentor that can understand you."

Emre Ucan
Akinon, Margin Tech

Advice that hits the target

I liked that you really stopped to listen to get the full context first. Once you had it, you really hit the target. My experience with other mentors and coaches has been that they just shoot out advice before really understanding what is going on in my business.

Celestin Soubrier
Winner/World Summit Awards

And what about you?

Let’s find a slot to talk about where you and your team are, and where you’d like to go.