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Does creating a new product ever feel like draggng your feet in the mud? Do you wish things could move a little... faster? 

Has a new product ever bombed when exposed to market forces?  

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You're in the right place if you want to:

  • Sell your product... internally and externally 
  • Select the right business model from Day 1
  • Leave your assumptions at the door, and collaborate with the market 
  • Develop products that make a real impact... for you, your company and your customers

Dear fellow intrapreneur...

You want to innovate. You want to create a breakthrough product. You've got great talent, and a budget. In fact, you've got an entire run-book of ideas you want to test.  

But you're nervous. You've experienced innovation catastrophe in the past. Great ideas that flopped when exposed to real market forces.  

Over 40% of product launch failures are caused by missing data, and unvalidated assumptions. In other words, not building something a client (other than the product team) actually wants.  

So what is this 'missing data', and how do you gather it when your customer is an internal one?

My name is Luke Szyrmer, I'm what you might call an 'intrapreneur' (an 'internal entrepreneur'). I've experienced the pain of a failed product first hand, at significant personal expense. The challenges I faced led me out of my corporate dayjob, and into the world of Lean Startup. 

I wanted to know: how can we innovate as fast as any start-up? 

How do you create a culture of innovation, when people around you want to just keep doing what they know works?  

How do you select the right risks to take, to make real progress happen? 

I now help ambitious product managers and 'intrapreneurs' to innovate faster and more effectively, using the insights I gained from Lean Startup. If you want to test your assumptions, move quickly and build a culture of innovation, you're in the right place.

"In a way you open things up that are scary, like a pandoras box. You open boxes full of questions. That's why it's sometimes easier just to be blind and go around in hope.  

The process has brought us so quickly so much further..."

Magdalena Krippner


Meet the Expectations of Internal AND External Customers... through 'Missing Data'

In any new product development, you're always going to have missing data. Most likely, that's data you're not gathering or noticing, because it doesn't fit your assumptions. At the same time, you're making decisions about how a product should be built and how it should work. 

I call this the 'corporate echo chamber'. When everyone around you echos the same assumptions, you must validate them with market data.  

Which is easier said than done. Identifying your own assumptions is like trying to look at the end of your nose. You'll get a glimpse here and there, but it's easier to have someone point them out.

Next, how do you gather market data when you spend your days working with internal customers? That's something I can help you with too.  

Ultimately, you need to deliver value not features. 

There are plenty of competitors who are willing to work faster, make mistakes, recover and beat you with a better product. All before you got the final go-aheads and sign-offs to start gathering your first product requirement.  

Most corporate 'innovation' is characterised by political maneuvering behind closed doors. Discover a better approach - book your free innovation consultation now.  

"It opened my eyes on how we can do product development in our institute much better than we do now. It's much better than our existing process, where we just ask people for opinions."

Małgorzata Bielecka

Małgorzata Bielecka
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"I've had ideas where I just started implementing, and I now know for sure that this kind of exercise would have been extremely useful.  

The biggest single most important single thing you need to do is really understand the customer. This exercise was all about understanding the customer which I feel is even more important than I thought before.  

When you know which questions to ask and who to ask, your idea often turns out totally different. 

I think it was stimulating. Several times we even used the word 'eye opening'. I wouldn't say scary because yes, we came out maybe knowing less than we knew before. We now know that we need to know a lot more things that we don't know! 

I used to work on assumptions, because I think I have so much experience. This process makes you challenge yourself and your assumptions. I think that's very valuable."

Michel Brolski-Rohozinski Entrepreneur & Former Marketing Director at Mars & British American Tobacco

How to Operationalize Innovation

It isn't enough to create an innovative product based on market data... new feedback must be operationalized too (even if it doesn't fit with how things are currently done).

My question to you is this: are you in a position to run a new product test every month?

If you were, what impact would it have on the profitability of your company? What difference would it make to consistently deliver products your customers value? (And on a purely personal level, what difference would that make to your career, and day-to-day satisfaction?)

It's possible to make fast changes, even at the biggest companies. But you're going to need help. This isn't a battle to fight alone...

Book Your FREE Innovation Consultation...

I offer a limited number of free 30-minute innovation consultations each week. The purpose of this call is to tell me more about your situation, and the challenges you face. There's nothing to pay at this point... no purchase order to raise, and absolutely no obligation. If I don't think I can help, I'll say so up front. My guarantee for the call is you'll get at least ONE innovation insight you can immediately apply to your work. Ready to uncover that insight? Book your free innovation consultation here.

Celestin Soubrier

I liked that you really stopped to listen to get the full context first. Once you had it, you really hit the target. My experience with other mentors and coaches has been that they just shoot out advice before really understanding what is going on in my business.  

I also felt comfortable sharing my personal situation with you and opening up about that. I wasn't sure if it was a good idea at first, but I think it ended up helping us get a lot more done.  

In fact, we only had a short time together, but you gave me a lot of opportunity to apply what I was learning immediately. So even during those few days we did a survey, got resuits, and then we used that to drive further discussion and learning of what was most relevant.

Celestin Soubrier Growth Manager (2018 Winner of World Summit Awards)

Małgorzata Bielecka

In two days we learned several difficult tools. We worked on business canvass. We worked on hero canvass. We worked on landing pages. We prepared a scenario for interviews with customers.  

It opened my eyes on how we can do product development in our institute much better than we do now. It's much better than our existing process, where we just ask people for opinions.  

I thought that all these tools will be mainly applicable to software development, but you can use it for any kind of product you want to develop. So, it doesn't matter whether this is a training program, consulting service, piece of software... it doesn't matter. You can use this approach because it's very universal. You focus on practical things.  

During the workshop, you exactly know where you are in your product development. You can find your place, and know what to do next. You know what you need to improve, and how to follow that methodology.

Małgorzata Bielecka & Remigiusz Horbal Lean Enterprise Institute

Sara Leth Ottosen

Luke is an expert on designing landing page experiments and a brilliant lean coach to consult. He's not only a pleasure to work with, but he also does his work very thoroughly with the best value-add to the client.

Sara Leth Ottosen Transformation Designer, Culture & Leadership at Nordea


I learned that ideas can be structured, but now I can have lots of ideas, but I know about value proposition now, as you said, and I know that ideas are not very important as long as we can not make them a good business plan. So if I can make a few customers, and if I make money, ideas are meaningful. Even if they are good on paper, or very optimistic, I have to structure them, and I shouldn't be fearful of doing this, and failing. Because even trying is important, impactful for myself and for the community.  

About your coaching, let's say it was very friendly, it wasn't like cold teacher and student kind of thing. I never felt such a pressure or, "Oh, okay, Luke is bored," or something like that. You are always interested, and I felt good about speaking to you about my own company. It was nice to have mentors that can understand you.

Emre Uçan Akinon COO, Margen Tech


I really wanted to thank you... so after the live program, even though I didn't realize it at that time I think my pitching skills increased at least two times. I have been complimented so many times after that and I think that particular session was behind it. I realized that you need to make people hungry for the information.

Abhinav Shekhar Vashistha Co-founder and CEO Sonant Technologies Pvt Ltd

I felt Luke really listened to me. Other coaches may have been exciting to follow, but this wasn't as relevant. In particular, Luke is patient and analytical, and that really brought out the best in me. One of the areas that Luke really helped me was to really focus on choosing a customer segment and value proposition combination. There were a number of them that I was considering, but Luke helped me to just narrow down to one and to focus there. This also fed into the strategic planning at our company. It was much easier to divide up work for my team, once I had that level of clarity. To just focus on something, and then know exactly where to start to take it through to completion. Andrea Gonzalez Siller Co-Founder & C&O at Bioana (Femaie Entrepreneur of the Year award (2017) in Mexico) 

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