Ah, You Got Me… (The 4M framework)

Ketchup, chips, and chlorine.

There's three more twists, though, compared to shouting "Marco" in a pool:

  1. You can use any medium you want to reach them, not just yelling at the top of your voice: advertising, free content, phone calls, events, or anything else.
  2. You can optimize what you say, not just "Marco", to attract & identify the "Polos".
  3. You can be really smart about choosing the first "Polos" you want to pursue.

This is exactly the situation you're in, when launching a product. I call it medium-market-message match. The 4Ms. 😀

Kinda Disproved: the myth of the startup garage

Going back to revisit my old post The Myth of the Startup Garage, I wanted to verify my statements quantitatively. In that post, I argue against garages as this magic place where entrepreneurship starts.

Vivint Solar - Solar Panels on small home with driveway from street.